MindMaster has helped many people to finally quit smoking, even if they have already tried many times before...


"The truth is that we can learn to condition our minds, bodies, and emotions …. "

                                                                                                       Tony Robbins

It Can Work For You Too!

By using subliminal text and images to focus on your subconscious mind MindMaster produces instant and powerful suggestions to your mind, your attitude, and your habits to help you kick the smoking habit. MindMaster flashes your chosen affirmations--both words and images--on your computer screen while you work or play.

These Messages Are Virtually Invisible!

You won’t even be aware they’re working. But your subconscious acts like a powerful receiver, taking them in and acting on them to make instantly to re-enforce your desire to quit smoking permanently.

Don't Go Back!

A common problem with many quit-smoking cures is that people resume the habit a few months after they quit. With MindMaster, your non-smoking affirmations display on your computer screen as long as you want, greatly reducing your desire to light up a cigarette.

Quitting & Weight Gain...

Many people, especially women, tend to put on weight after they stop smoking. And here's where MindMaster can really help. You just use different messages and images to help curb your desire to eat more as you are trying to quit.

And that's not all!

You can  use MindMaster to help you achieve goals in many other aspects of your life...

Imagine what you could accomplish with a powerful subconscious belief in yourself! A belief that grows with every minute you spend at your computer! Using Mindmaster you could be...

  • Becoming more personable and attractive to others, - as you surfed the web

  • Increasing your business strengths, - while while writing a report!

  • Augmenting your powers of concentration and memory, - playing video games!

  • Overcoming pain, - while you work on your computer!

  • Overcoming the desire to pick up a cigarette, - while reading your email

  • Losing weight, - while you were downloading recipes!

Success Stories

Quit Smoking

"...my urge to smoke has gone away...I don't feel any desire to go back"

I have to be honest, I was a skeptic at first. I have difficulty believing in some products that claim to be 'subconsious' and what not. But this time something serious happened. I couldn't quit smoking. I tried the patch and even an anti-smoking medication. They didn't do the job. I tried Mindmaster, and in less than 3 months, I can say with gratitude, my urge to smoke has gone away. I've completely given up the disgusting habit and I don't feel any desire to go back. Wow.

Thanks, Zack Savard

Quit Smoking

Quit smoking naturally in a month...

Thanks to MindMaster I was able to naturally quit smoking in about a month! I had tried the patch and other methods to help me stop without much success. MindMaster is extremely users friendly and easy to use. I have also used MindMaster to successfully improve and enhance other areas of my life. Thanks for such a great product. I am recommending your wonderful program to all my friends and family.

Lawrence Tran

Quit Smoking

"I've quit smoking, am back at the gym, and finally looking forward to tomorrow!"

Thank you for the Mindmaster program and most especially for your support and insight over email. I have noticed a huge turnaround in my attitude towards myself and my blessings since I started receiving the feedback-loop to the messages I was putting out there - thank you for your wise words. I've quit smoking, am back at the gym, and finally looking forward to tomorrow!

Joe Thomas

Quit Smoking

Tony, I have been using your program since 8/12. It's working great and I have already stopped smoking, and now onto so much more. You even responded to a question I had about settings. Plus I have been enjoying your updates and suggestions since.
Shaun Chesley


"I've also attracted and MARRIED my ideal mate, & my health is better than it has been..."

Dear Tony: I began using the MindMaster program just a few months ago. As soon as I began reading the affirmative statements in each section, I knew I was already programming my subconscious mind to accept them as fact. Since that time, I have noticed an increase in my productivity at my job and clarity of thought and decision making. I've also attracted and MARRIED my ideal mate, my health is better than it has been, and I've been drawn closer to God than ever before in my adult life.

The mind is our greatest source of power, and I can testify that MindMaster is the best and most successful means I've experienced in unlocking the gates to that power. - Mickey Busby

Better Eating Habits & Memory

"... to my surprise I seem to have stopped the major craving I have had for ice cream..."

Dear Tony: I started the program less than a month ago. It was easy to add pictures and add affirmations. I have tried pills, diets, and it was always a painful road which I ended up taking a U-TURN back to my old habits.

The changes were very subtle - to my surprise I seem to have stopped the major craving I have had for ice cream (which I ate every night with choc syrup and whipped cream!) I still may have it if my husband grabs a bowl, but the portion is much smaller....

I also use the memory program: One of the affirmations are "I have a photographic memory when I look at numbers in my job or at my charge card, I have found I remember an entire string by just glancing up at them! I'm talking 6 or 8 non-sequential numbers!

My daughter says it's in my mind.... and you know what? SHES RIGHT!

Linda S., Arizona



Easy To Use

Simply download and install MindMaster, pick your quit-smoking program affirmations and images, and you're ready to start! Our support staff are available if you should need any assistance

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      “Every thought we think is creating our future.”    -  Louise Hay

People From All Over the World are realizing how powerful this Software Is!
Today subliminal technology is being used for personal development purposes by millions of people worldwide! Including Fortune 500 companies, motivational coaches, athletes, CEOs, celebrities, students, housewives, computer programmers, and even the US Government...

Watch this video to learn more about using MindMaster to harness the power of your mind and achieve your goal of stopping smoking and much more!


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Please note that MindMaster will only work with Microsoft Windows.

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That's how convinced I am that Mindmaster will definitely help you reach your goals. As you can see this is straightforward - I assume all the risk!

                                                                   Tony Dosanjh  

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Creator of MindMaster


Take The First Step To Quitting - Get MindMaster Today!

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible..."

Tony Robbins

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Please note that MindMaster will only work with Microsoft Windows.



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